Childbirth is one of the most important moments in the life of any woman, the culmination of a long process, the pregnancy, which is full of high hopes but also of many uncertainties and fears.

At the Unidad de la Mujer we consider this important event should not lose his human side, and to that end we provide personal attention in combination with the most advanced equipment to ensure the well being of the mother and the fetus.
We do personalized monitoring of each pregnancy. The mother can decide from the outset what doctor would be responsible for monitoring her pregnancy. A complete team of different specialists in different aspects of birth control will support her gynecologist at all times, and the birth preparation unit will help the mother to arrive to that important moment calm, and relaxed.

During delivery, which will be assisted in most cases by the gynecologist who has monitored the pregnancy, the patient will have personalized attention from a midwife, an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist. There will be the most advanced fetal monitoring equipment and complete NICU will be available at all times.

Last but not least, the other parent may attend the whole birth process and witness the birth of the baby, thus sharing with the mother this important moment.


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