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Different contraceptives for different types of women

Deciding how many children we want to have and when is nowadays within our reach. At the Unidad de la Mujer our goal is to assess you and to help improve your quality of life through education, prevention and medical techniques

In our centers we have wide experience in contraception and other family planning methods so that you can chose the one which best suits your interests.

Contraceptive methods:

  • IUD: Intrauternine device: both copper and hormonal. Its high effectiveness (99 percent), low cost and minimal contraindications make it the most extensively used contraceptive method in the world.

  • Hormonal contraceptives: they suppress ovulation and therefore prevent pregnancy. They can be oral (the pill), transdermal (patch), transvaginal (ring) and intradermal (implant). Their low failure rate (1 percent), the control they allow of the menstrual cycle, bleedings, excessive hair growth and acne make them an excellent contraceptive option, but must always be administered under the supervision of a specialist.

  • Tubal ligation: it is irreversible and the most effective contraceptive method (99.9 percent), indicated for women who have already fulfilled their maternal instinct. It involves minor surgery (laparoscopy), a short hospital stay and a speedy recovery.

  • Methods such as the condom, coitus interruptus, diaphragm or vasectomy may be also options depending on the patient’s profile, although they have higher failure rates (excepting the vasectomy, with only 1 percent)


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