Clinical psychology Unit. Unidad de la Mujer at Ruber Internacional

At Unidad de la Mujer we try our job to be an integral plan for this reason our psycologist Elena Iracheta Ruiz offers her help to women who need help in the following areas.

Some disorders treated are:

  • Anxiety disorders (isolated anxiety symptoms, general anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, anguish, social phobia, agoraphobia, etc.)
  • Cheering up disorders (different-types of depression and depressive symptoms)
  • COT (compulsive/obsessive disorders)
  • Pregnancy psychology and its disorders
  • Physiologic disorders associated to fertility treatments (supporting both parents throughout the whole process)
  • Oncological Psycology
  • Couple problems (sentimental crisis, feeling of lonelyless after children leaving parents home or empty nest, help during separation/divorce processes etc.)
  • Menstruation disorders (pre-menstrual syndrome, dismenorhrea or menstrual pain, menopause etc.)
  • Help in different moments of women´s crisis retirement, menopause, empty nest, disorder when children leave family house housbands retirement, grandchildren arrival, family loss, etc.

Clinical Psychology Unit

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